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What kind of anti-decubitus wheelchair cushion is good

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Wheelchair cushions that can really effectively prevent bedsores are generally rubber and gel wheelchair cushions. Advanced nursing homes and rehabilitation centers buy wheelchair cushions of these two materials. Even the Disabled Persons’ Federation is bidding. At that time, it was clearly stated that the wheelchair cushions were mainly made of rubber. This article for the Lord will mention some knowledge about wheelchair cushions, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  • What is the best anti-decubitus wheelchair cushion?

  • Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. sells wheelchair cushion products.

What kind of anti-decubitus wheelchair cushion is good?

Patients with limited mobility who have to sit in wheelchairs for long periods of time are often faced with a headache in addition to their physical ailments - bed sores. Bed sores are also known as "pressure sores". They are formed when the skin is under constant pressure for a long period of time, causing poor local blood supply to the skin, resulting in ischaemia, damage, ulceration and even necrosis. If not properly prevented, bedsores can become increasingly serious and even life-threatening. To prevent bed sores, many patients or their families choose to buy wheelchair cushions to sit on.

Anyone who has consulted a wheelchair cushion knows that there are many different materials for wheelchair cushions, both online and in pharmacies/hospitals, including TPU, sponge, fleece, PVC, rubber, gel, etc. There are tens, hundreds and thousands of them.

The experts here suggest that wheelchair cushions that are truly effective in preventing bedsores are generally made of rubber and gel, and senior care homes and rehabilitation centres buy cushions made of these two materials.

Some people ask which is the best, rubber or gel cushions? In fact, these two materials have their own advantages. Rubber is generally the majority of inflatable wheelchair cushions, while gel is a solid gel, both of which are very breathable, and for patients seeking softness and coolness, gel wheelchair cushions are the best.

Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. sells wheelchair cushion products.

Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Ltd. was established in 1969 and has been established for 54 years by 2023. It is the No.1 manufacturer of AC pressure mattresses and seat cushions in China with a 30,000 square meters professional production base located in Shantou City. With more than 100 sets of 100-250kw Japanese Toshiba power tube high frequency equipment, we have an annual production capacity of 1 million sets of alternating pressure mattresses and wheelchair cushions. The main products include medical anti-decubitus mattresses, wheelchair cushions, medical nebulisers and x-ray viewers. Wheelchair air cushion products mainly include: wheelchair anti-decubitus single layer inflatable air cushion, office home car inflatable wheelchair cushion, etc.

If you are interested in our wheelchair cushion products, you can make a purchase or inquiry. We will provide you with the best wheelchair cushion products and services. We look forward to your visit and wish you good luck in your work.


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