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The use and care of air mattresses

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With the development of the times, many people have become more discerning in their choice of bedding, such as mattresses. Likewise in hospitals, hospitals provide better mattresses for patients to recover better. In this article, air mattresses will be introduced. We hope you will find it useful.

  • The use and maintenance of air mattresses.

  • Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Limited has an air mattress product.

The use and maintenance of air mattress.

1、The air mattress can be inflated immediately after purchase, but it can be used only after 8 hours (preferably 12 hours) after the first filling, because the air bed needs a buffering process in the pulling belt and the stitching; the new bed is used 2 days before, try not to have enough air.

2、A time after filling, air mattress will be some slack, this is a normal phenomenon, air mattress material some elasticity, after filling the air some up to become soft, before feeling slack, as long as re-inflation to achieve the desired effect on the line, but do not play too full.

3、One person can use sufficient gas, two people use to put off some gas; seasonal change of temperature rise, air mattress gas expansion, pay attention to deflate.

4、When the temperature drops, the air mattress will become soft, pay attention to replenish the air; any inflatable products (including car tires) will naturally leak, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to the regular replenishment of air.

5、At any time can not be inflated too much (especially in summer), otherwise the air mattress inside the pull belt will be overloaded and break, resulting in the bed bulge, this situation will not be able to repair.

6、If other drinks such as tea or coffee are accidentally spilt on the air mattress, they should be immediately dried with a towel or toilet paper by applying heavy pressure and then dried with a hair dryer. When the air mattress is accidentally stained with dirt, it can be cleaned with soap and water. Do not use strong acid or alkaline cleaning agents to avoid damage to the mattress on the air mattress.

Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Limited has an air mattress product.

Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer with 54 years of experience since 1969. YHMED is equipped with industry-leading manufacturing equipment and high-speed production lines. YHMED has the production qualification, high-precision manufacturing and stable quality control capabilities of medical device products. We have obtained global quality certification; most of our products have obtained US FDA certification and EU CE, CB, RoHS and German TUV ISO13485 quality management system certification. Air mattress products mainly include: inflatable medical anti-bedsore air bubbles with pump, inflatable medical anti-bedsore cell mattresses with pump and inflatable medical anti-bedsore turning air cell mattresses with pumps, which all can be for hospitals and homes.

If you are satisfied with our air mattress, you can directly order or ask related questions. We will provide you with the best air mattress products and services. We look forward to your visit and wish you good work and good health.


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