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Introduction of medical mattresses

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Medical mattresses are medical care mattresses used as auxiliary to prevent and slow down bedsore diseases. They are widely used in patients with paralysis, coma, post-major surgery, fracture traction, severe burns (frostbite), etc., as well as various severe and end-stage patients. Suitable for use in hospitals. This article will mention some knowledge of medical mattresses, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  • Introduction of medical mattresses.

  • Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. has medical mattress products.

Introduction of medical mattresses.

Medical mattresses, alternate intermittent inflatable mattresses composed of strips or bubble of airbags arranged at different intervals, can intermittently release the protruding parts of the patient's back from the extrusion of the bed board, increase the air permeability and blood circulation of the skin under pressure, thereby preventing The formation of bedsores.

Medical mattresses are one of the most frequently used medical bedding products in hospitals, and medical mattresses are also items that need to be purchased before the time of changing and washing.

The demand for medical mattresses in hospitals is not small, especially the number of beds in large and medium-sized hospitals, and each bed needs a mattress.

Medical mattresses must be healthy, safe and comfortable. Health is a commitment to patients. Whether in medical technology or in the medical items used by patients, personal use items such as medical mattresses must be healthy and safe.

Regular cleaning of medical mattresses can ensure its cleanliness. In the special environment of the hospital, cleaning and disinfection is essential.

Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. has medical mattress products.

Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. was established in 1969. The main product lines include medical anti-removal mattresses, seat cushions, medical atomizers and X-ray film viewers. We have the most professional automatic production line assembly workshop, more than 30 automatic injection molding machines, and the largest and most professional explosion-proof mattress production workshop, including high-frequency production equipment, disposable foaming, and multi-platform bubble mattress production Equipment. Medical mattresses mainly include: medical bedsores with alternate pressure ulcers, inflatable and breathable hospital mattresses for bedsores, and hospitals with alternate pressure sore cushions for back pain. The QDC-501B alternate pressure mattress consists of 18 11.5cm / 4.5'' batteries. The alternate system includes a design of A/B/C 3 groups of batteries (6 batteries in each group). In the process of alternation, there are always 2 groups of cells that are constantly expanding, which means that it will have 12 cells that can share and support the weight of the patient. Compared with the A/B 2-group alternating mode (only 9 batteries remain inflated at the same time), the weight of the A/B/C Cycle Mode alternating mattress will be more even. Patients feel more comfortable and sleep better.

If you are interested in our medical mattress products, you can purchase or consult. We will provide you with the best medical mattress products and services. We look forward to your visit and wish you success in your work.


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