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How to choose a wheelchair cushion

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If a patient who has been sitting in a wheelchair for a long time does not have a wheelchair cushion, the bedsores will become more and more serious and even endanger the patient's life. In order to prevent bedsores, many patients or family members will choose to buy wheelchair cushions to sit on. This article will mention some knowledge about wheelchair cushions, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  • How to choose a wheelchair cushion?

  • Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. sells wheelchair cushion products.

How to choose a wheelchair cushion?

Seat size is a very broad concept, and everyone's height and weight are different, so a wheelchair that really fits the body size perfectly must be customized. But custom wheelchairs are expensive, so how should you choose?

First, the width of the seat

The width is too narrow to compress the nerves in the legs and it is inconvenient to get in and out of the wheelchair; the seat is too wide to sit comfortably and it is inconvenient to get in and out of a narrow door.

Second, the seat length

The seat is too short, the bare hips sitting on the wheelchair, pressure on the sit bones; seat is too long and affect the blood circulation of the legs.

Third, the seat height

When purchasing, you should consider whether there is a need to eat and go to the toilet in a wheelchair. A seat that is too short cannot reach the table, and one that is too high is not suitable, and the center of gravity is unstable and easy to be dangerous.

Wheelchair seats are designed in accordance with the ergonomic, adaptability is relatively wide, generally not too thin or too fat can be adapted. Of course, the conditions are still the best to test-drive their own.

Wheelchair cushion with what material, this is mainly in accordance with personal needs to pick.

For people who want to use wheelchairs to go out and stroll, usually not a lot of people sitting, the general canvas wheelchair cushion is enough to meet the needs.

For the need to drive a wheelchair to and from work, a sit sit a day, you can consider more comfortable sofa wheelchair cushion.

For people who have great difficulty in moving their own bodies and need the help of caregivers, they must pick a good anti-decubitus wheelchair cushion.

Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. has wheelchair cushion products.

Guangdong Yuehua Medical Equipment Factory Co.Ltd was established in 1969, and by 2023, we have been established for 54 years, the No.1 AC pressure mattress and seat cushion manufacturer in China, with a professional production base of 30,000 square meters, located in Shantou City. More than 100 sets of 100-250kw Japanese Toshiba power tube high frequency equipment, annual production capacity of 1 million sets of alternating pressure mattresses and wheelchair cushions. The main product lines include medical anti-decubitus mattresses, wheelchair cushions, medical nebulizers and X-ray film viewers. Wheelchair cushion products mainly include: wheelchair anti-decubitus single layer inflatable air cushion, inflatable wheelchair cushion for office home car and many others.

If you are interested in our wheelchair cushion products, you can make a purchase or make an inquiry. We will provide you with the best wheelchair cushion products and services. We look forward to your visit and wish you good work.


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