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CN-500 Compressor Nebulizer For Kids


Nebulizer kit included

Efficient respiratory therapy

Simple and safe to clean, easy to handle

Low noise operation



1.Medication Capacity: 6mL

2.Particle Size: Respirable Fraction 0.5 to 5μm 80%

3.MMAD: 2.0μm

4.Average Nebulization Rate: ≥0.2mL/min

5.Noise Level: Below 40dB(A)

6.Pressure Range: 60kPa~130kPa

7.Liter Flow Range: ≥10L/min

8.Dimensions: 225mm×105mm×210mm

9.Power Consumption: 160VA

10.Electrical: 220v/110v; 50Hz/60Hz